Le Devoir

A small Montreal company, Conceptis Technolo-
gies, has just won not one but two prizes at the
Milia, the great multimedia and Internet fair which
takes place in Cannes. It is the first time that a Quebec firm wins at the Milia.

Its site, Les CyberSessions Médicales, won a
Milia d’or in the Education and training category, ahead of 36 companies including three other finalists, Wall Street Trader, the Louvre Museum and S-Klasse Interactive.

The same site was then awarded the Grand Prix du
jury for the most innovative use of interactivity in
real time, beating the CNN megasite.

Two years ago, Softimage and Discreet Logic were
among the finalists at the Milia, but these companies had not won any awards. The same fate
was reserved this year for RGB Technologies.

Simplicity rewarded

Physicians who have little time and are little inclined towards IT love Medical CyberSessions, It works, it’s fast and it does not require the reading of any manual or tech textbooks explained yesterday the president of Conceptis Technologies, Roger Simard.