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AI vs doctors

The jury is still out. More high-quality studies are required. « From more than 20 000 unique abstracts, fewer than 100 studies met their eligibility criteria for the systematic review and only 25 met their inclusion criteria for the meta-analysis. These 25 studies compared the performance of…

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Bye bye corticosteroids ? Welcome ClearUP

Tivic’s device is a drug-free, FDA-approved system designed to help alleviate sinus pain.


Are you married ?

Are oncologists biased against unmarried cancer patients ? “The chief finding of these studies, which has made national headlines, is that unmarried patients are less likely to survive cancer.’ “As psychologist Bella DePaulo has pointed out, however, these results demonstrate only association, not causation. A…


Cancer studies flawed ?

“With increasing reliance on single armed trials to support cancer drug approvals, Naci and colleagues’ study shows that trial evidence alone is not enough. Quality assessment of that evidence is also needed to ensure that these trials accurately estimate treatment effects.” From the BMJ


Google and dubious cancer ads

Unproven treatments are being promoted on Youtube channel alongside adverts from serious organizations. From the BBC


Bye bye metronidazole ?

More and more we are considering reestablishing the equilibrium rather than killing with antibiotics. In STATnews

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