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Tracing Apps

The failing of the UK tracing app

This article from the MIT Technology report describes what not to do in the implementation of this technology.


Nature Research Clinical Oncology Calendar

A remarkable collection of images in Oncology. Am ust-read and must-have

Oncology, OncoXchange

A new superchip for the development of superdrugs

In the MIT Tech Review, an article describes how at Argonne National Laboratory, roughly 30 miles from downtown Chicago, scientists try to understand the origin and evolution of the universe, create longer-lasting batteries, and develop precision cancer drugs.

Cervical Cancer

Utilising AI to diagnose cervical cancer in Kenya

Kenya is one of the African countries where the vaccination against HPV is not implemented on a wide-scale basis. Yet, according to this article in Nature, “cervical cancer is the most common cause of cancer death for women in Kenya, where there is only around one pathologist…


AI vs doctors

The jury is still out. More high-quality studies are required. « From more than 20 000 unique abstracts, fewer than 100 studies met their eligibility criteria for the systematic review and only 25 met their inclusion criteria for the meta-analysis. These 25 studies compared the performance of…

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Bye bye corticosteroids ? Welcome ClearUP

Tivic’s device is a drug-free, FDA-approved system designed to help alleviate sinus pain.

Check this out!

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